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SHOPPING In large government stores and food shops prices are fixed. Bargaining is possible and necessary in the markets, in most private shops, in street trays and even in some…

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Great Britain is an island nation in Western Europe
SHOPPING Shops are open from 9.00 to 17.30. All products sold in stores are subject to value added tax of 17.5%. Porcelain, glass, books, “a la Sherlock Holmes” tubes, bags,…


Greenland or Qalallit Nunaat

Shops in the cities. In Greenland, a wide range of products can be found in the supermarket. Since almost all, with the exception of fish and some meat products, are imported to Greenland either by ship or by plane, therefore prices are higher than in Europe. Alcohol, tobacco, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dairy products are also expensive products in Greenland.
Shopping in settlements. In localities, the choice of goods in stores is somewhat limited. The more residents in the settlement, the greater the choice. On the other hand, you can always buy fresh fish, lamb and meat at affordable prices. In cities and towns, souvenirs are sold in stores, but they are not as high-quality as souvenirs sold in souvenir stores.
Souvenirs. Souvenirs from Greenland are unique, because they are handmade, and more such souvenirs are not found anywhere in the world. Each piece is made by the artist of Greenland, who follows the traditions and customs of this country. As a visitor, you will have enough opportunity to find exactly what you are looking for.
There are hotels in all cities, with the exception of Ittoccortormiit, Kangaatsiak and Upernavik.
Many hotels are classified according to the European classification system up to four **** as the best. Four-star hotels include the hotel in the Arctic Ilulissat, the hotel Sisimiut in Sisimiut and the hotel Hans Egede in Nuuk. All hotels have a bathroom / WC, telephone and, as a rule, a TV.
In large cities, you can arrange accommodation with the Greenland family.
Boarding houses and hostels are cheap accommodation, they are located in most cities. Some of them can be on a par with a guesthouse in Europe. There is no shower or toilet in the rooms. In some boarding houses there are beds, in some you need to take a sleeping bag.
Camping. If you are traveling in Greenland with a tent, you can stay in the immediate vicinity of the historic ruins, and near lakes and rivers. Some cities have created special areas for camping with various amenities.
Beach recreation, as such, in Greenland does not exist.
Around 875, the island was first discovered by an Icelandic seaman Gunbjornom (he did not go ashore).
In 982, a Norwegian Icelander, Eirik Rauda (Auburn), made the first survey of the island and called it Greenland.
In 983, Norman (Icelandic) colonies were founded in the south of Greenland, which existed until the 15th century.
From 1262 until the beginning of the XVIII century, Greenland actually belonged to Norway.
In 1721 began the colonization of the island of Denmark.
In 1744, Denmark established a state monopoly (it existed until 1950) on trade with Greenland.
In 1814, at the dissolution of the Danish-Norwegian union of 1380, Greenland remained behind Denmark and until 1953 was its colony.
In 1953, Greenland was declared part of the territory of the Danish kingdom.
In 1940, after the occupation of Denmark by Germany, the US government announced the spread of the Monroe Doctrine to Greenland.
1941 – signed with the American government of the so-called. the agreement on defense of Greenland (ratified by the Danish Rigsdag on May 16, 1945). The United States began to build military bases in Greenland.
1951 – a new agreement was signed, under which Denmark and the United States carry out joint defense of the island.
In 1971, the United States had 2 military bases and other military facilities in Greenland.
Studies of Greenland began in the XVII century and were conducted initially by the British, and after the colonization of the island – the Danes and Norwegians.
A long journey deep into Greenland was first made by the Swede A. Nordenskiöld (1683).
In 1888, the Norwegians crossed the southern part of the island. Nansen and O. Sverdrup. In recent years, almost continuous research, including stationary observations on the ice sheet, has been conducted by scientists from the United States and Great Britain; in 1968–1969, an expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR worked.
August 6, 2004 – The United States and Denmark signed an agreement modernizing the 1951 Treaty for the Protection of Greenland.
When traveling in Greenland, special attention should be paid to the careful selection of clothing, equipment and gear.
Even with a simple visit to a country that does not involve traveling outside the city limits, you should stock up on warm clothes with good protection from the wind, as well as warm and strong shoes.
Summer can be so warm that you need shorts and T-shirts.
There are no direct flights from Moscow to Greenland yet. Regular direct flights Moscow-Copenhagen are operated by SAS and Aeroflot airlines.
You can also get to Denmark by ferry from Norway: the Oslo-Copenhagen flights are operated by the ferry company DFDS Seaways.
By train to Denmark can be reached through Germany or Sweden.