Bulgaria is a state in Southeast Europe
SHOPPING Shops are open from Monday to Friday, Saturday - “short day”. Many trade establishments work without days off (in resorts often until 22:00). Food stores are often open around…

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Dominican Republic or Dominican Republic - located in the West Indies
SHOPPING From the country you can bring a variety of products made of wood, bone, amber, Larimar (Dominican turquoise), ceramics and leather, as well as cigars, coffee and rum. One…


United States – a country in North America

Shops usually work from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 17.30, but there is no official closing time for stores. Shopping centers and large department stores operate from Monday to Saturday, from 9.30 to 21.30 (some are around the clock), on Sundays from 12.00 to 17.00.
It is difficult to advise what to bring from such a vast and diverse country as the USA. Traditional souvenirs are, as a rule, all sorts of goods depicting the Statue of Liberty and / or the American flag, as well as “Indian” products – dream catchers, all kinds of amulets, and the like.
Well, each city has its own attractions, sometimes it is useful to ask the local population. For example, in San Francisco there is a local chocolate factory Girardeli …
The country has very strict laws regulating the sale of alcoholic beverages, and in different states they have different nuances. In New York, for example, alcohol is only sold at Liquor Stores, which has a special license: you can only buy beer in a regular store. Persons under the age of 21 to sell alcohol is prohibited. The labels usually show prices without taxes, so at the checkout the total cost of purchases will be 5-12% higher.
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In the United States adopted its own classification of hotels, which can be equated to the “star” system only conditionally. For example, Superior Deluxe and Deluxe (D) hotels are roughly equivalent to “fives” – “fours plus”, Superior First Class (S) is 4 * -3 * +, First Class (F): 3 * + – 3 *, Moderate First Class (M) is an analogue of “treshka”, and Tourist Class (T) is an institution of the level of one or two “stars”.
Check-in at the hotel is carried out after 15:00, and check-out from the hotel, as a rule, until 12:00, less often until 11:00. Late check-out or early check-in is most often paid as an extra full day. In some hotels at the time of check-in, a security deposit is issued, either by blocking a certain amount on a guest’s credit card, or in cash. At the time of departure from the hotel deposit is returned by transfer to a credit card (it can take up to three weeks), in cash or by check.
According to the American standard, breakfasts (and generally any food) are not included in the price. Breakfasts can be of two types – continental or full American, and also in two versions – a buffet or a choice from the menu.
Practically in all hotels there are rather spacious rooms with large beds. All hotels in Florida and most in Los Angeles and Las Vegas have swimming pools. To use the safe and telephone (calls outside the hotel) you must pay a deposit at the reception, usually 30-50 USD. At discharge, this amount is returned minus costs. In many American hotels there are no hair dryers: hair dryers, irons and ironing boards can be ordered in the room by phone (as a rule, it is free).
Room rates are almost the same for single and double occupancy. The price of the room is usually added tax (up to 12.5% ​​depending on the state) and tourist tax (also set in each state separately). However, all kinds of fees, which are also added to the room rate in accordance with state law, can raise the price of a room by 20-30%.
The entrance to the hostels is strictly according to the passports: you will not be allowed inside, if you are not registered in any of the rooms.
In the US, a huge number of diverse beaches, both in the mainland and on the islands. There are both free and paid beaches, there are beaches for nudists.
XVI century. – The territory of the modern USA was inhabited by about 11 million Indians.
1565 – the Spaniards founded the first European settlement in the territory of the modern United States – the city of St. Augustine.
1585 – the base of the colony Roanoke – the first unsuccessful attempt of the British colonization of America.
1607 – the first English settlement on the south-east coast of the country. 1620 – British settlement in the northeast United States.
1609 – The Spaniards founded Santa Fe – the beginning of a serious expansion of Spanish colonization in the South-West of the modern United States.
1620 – the first one was founded in New England – the historic center of the USA – a colony, Plymouth.
1623 – the base of the colony of New Hampshire.
1626 – The Dutch founded New Amsterdam, the capital of the Dutch possessions in North America, which later became New York.
1630 – The British Puritans founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony, whose capital, Boston, became the largest city of the British colonies in North America.
1634 – the founding of the colony of Maryland by English Catholic immigrants.
1636 – Baptists expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony establish a colony of Rhode Island.
1638 – Swedes base their colony in the territory of modern Delaware. In less than 20 years, the colony passes under the control of the Netherlands.
1638 – The base of the colony of Connecticut came from the colony of Massachusetts Bay.